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Photographer in Braintree Essex - Wedding Day photography by Tad Dippel

My objective throughout the day is to be able to tell the story of your wedding through pictures.  I will record your wedding in a documentary style, capturing the small details, be those the rings, shoes, a look and a smile as well as the more formal aspects. 

Prior to the wedding, I will discuss with you what photographs you would like to have, particularly those group photographs which ensure that there is at least one image where everybody in the wedding party can be seen.  The formal photographs can take very little time and once done, your guests can start to enjoy themselves.  Usually at this point it is ideal to dedicate 15 to 30 minutes as a portrait session with the bride and groom to provide you with some special and romantic images with minimal direction and also for you to relax and have some fun.

My preference is to be using available light throughout, without the intrusion of flash photography, however this may not always be possible, so I will use artificial light where necessary.  All the photographs are taken in colour and I will process them to achieve the style which you like and which matches the occasion.  This might be colour, faded vintage or black and white.  The choice is yours and you will be able to see the effects in the initial proofs which I will supply.